Digitally connected vending technology for customised nutritional beverages

The Challenge:  A  drinks brand wanted to develop a vending platform that could dispense customised nutritional beverages for consumers which could be used in a range of commercial environments.  The required specification was beyond the capabilities of any existing vending machine company.

Our Approach: We first identified the core technical dispense requirements to meet the desired range of beverages. This enable a focused search for appropriate dispense technology and IP across a range sectors and applications such as medical and food processing. A number of potential technology platforms were identified which could achieve the required controlled dispense. These were narrowed down using additional  criteria based on cost, IP ownership, ease of adaption and supplier credentials. 

The Outcome:  The chosen technology platform was paired with an integration partner who came up with a proposal for a design prototype.  The development cost and timeline was massively reduced compared to alternative approaches previously explored by the company.


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