Our Services

Our services can be deployed at any stage of your innovation journey, to supplement internal knowledge or build insight outside of your core. We meet you wherever you are.   Our work crosses the boundaries of discipline and sector. We have experience in Consumer Goods, Industrial, Healthtech and Cleantech.

Some of our clients are global leaders who want to push boundaries to stay ahead of the game. Others are exploring territory and opportunities outside of their core.

Our services cover product, technology and market related challenges. Some common themes are outlined below:

Solving Innovation Challenges:

We identify the right technology,  partners and solution strategies to address  your specific product, packaging or process innovation challenge.  By combining problem solving with technology scouting, we home in on the very best technology or partner options, while considering commercial constraints. We have huge experience and robust methodology in this area allowing us to swiftly navigate you to the very best solutions.

Market Opportunity Assessments: 

By examining the attributes of your product, technology or capability we can quickly narrow down potential new markets or applications. We take a pragmatic approach to rapidly validate options, conducting  ‘voice of customer’ and key opinion leader interviews as well as help in sizing potential markets.

Proposition Development:

We utilise a combination of creative and structured approaches to help build technology enabled propositions which meet the needs of existing, adjacent or new markets

Best Practice Business Process:

By  learning from the collective experience of others, we help you tackle specific business and innovation process issues. We use a combination of case studies, practitioner workshops and literature review to generate clear evidence based recommendations on what actually works.

Partner Identification

Identification of partners is required in many contexts. Development partners, acquisition opportunities, highly specialist skills or know-how  which is outside of your core competences. We find, assess and facilitate engagement. We can act as a highly specialist recruiter – helping you identify a crack team of partners.

Holy Grail Challenges

We relish the most difficult challenges – experience tells us that if the laws of physics allows it, then it can be done. We leverage structured creative techniques, expert insight and experience to develop solution strategies that can lead to breakthrough innovation.