Accelerate Innovation helps organisations to innovate and grow, by bridging knowledge gaps and helping to tackle innovation challenges.  By combining technical and commercial knowledge with tailored and systematic scouting methodology, we enable you to discover opportunities, make connections and find solutions.

We help you answer questions like;

  • How can I leverage partners and technology to develop new products and processes?
  • What business propositions can our company build?
  • Which adjacent markets offer opportunities for growth?
  • How can I engage with start-up’s and other innovation  ecosystems?
  • What can my team learn from the success and failure of others?
  • How can our company leverage digital innovation to transform our products and services?

Accelerate Innovation act as an intelligent intermediary between your organisation and the knowledge and technology in the wider world. But we are more than a passive intermediary – the key to the success we deliver comes from a collaborative, intelligent and iterative approach.

Your problems are the centre of our world. We are problem solvers first and foremost, supplementing knowledge and insight from external sources. This form of leveraged intelligence can dramatically accelerate your innovation.

Our Approach

By adopting the principles of Open Innovation, you benefit from the best the world has to offer. Our core scientific and commercial knowledge is combined with global intelligence to deliver you unrivaled insight.

Our Process

Our process is collaborative and iterative. It involves four key steps:

  • Experience tells us that this is foundational to the success of your project
  • We work with you to rapidly clarify your needs and define success criteria, ensuring focus and alignment throughout

  • Pooling our collective knowledge and applying fresh eyes to the challenge enables us to map out the broad space and identify gaps
  • Targeted  scouting starts to bridge the gaps using necessary data sources – from patents to scientific literature, start-ups databases to market data
  • Targeted expertise helps us complete the picture – we regularly interview companies, academics, domain experts and key opinion leaders – whatever is required by the project

  • By filtering and assessing insights, we can assemble a clear picture of the options for you
  • We answer your key question  – “So what does this all mean?” 
  • We can create roadmaps and frameworks to help you navigate the way forward

  • Clear and actionable recommendations make the next steps tangible and real
  • We can help facilitate those next steps

Who are we?

Accelerate Innovation was founded in 2018 by Richard White after gaining 16 years of experience in consulting and innovation related roles. Richard saw an opportunity to offer a flexible consulting service to help companies navigate the increasingly complex and fast moving external innovation landscape. Finding external technology solutions and partners is becoming an increasingly mainstream source of innovation for companies, but the capacity and experience of navigating opportunities is often limited. Our approach relies on the extensive experience of our consultant partners and recognises the importance of delivering meaningful results and insight, not just information. We are a rounded team with backgrounds in science and engineering combined with commercial knowledge and experience.

We are passionate about helping you make sense of ambiguity and uncovering a clear pathway forward.

We firmly believe that enabling companies to discover valuable new connections can dramatically accelerate innovation – and we have done this many times. The connections we help our clients make may be to new partners, new technologies, new insight and invariably all three.